Cold Spring, Upstate New York

Situated at one of the narrowest and deepest parts of the Hudson, Cold Spring is the quintessential bucolic upstate New York town with an amazingly charming Main Street. From Cold Springs, you can easily walk to Garrison to visit Boscobel or to the West Point Foundry> You can also take the train to DIA: Beacon […]

Title: Colorful Locks in BKLYN

Story: After Superstorm Sandy in 2012, while New York City was still recovering from the storm’s devastating effect on the city, I was walking across the Brooklyn Bridge with friends and thinking about the city and how it had changed.  As I was passing one of the vertical supports, I noticed this grouping of locks […]

Travel Nugget: NYC Bridges at Night

As I made my way up the FDR in a fast car at night, I was mesmerized by the absolute beauty of the bridges on the Hudson.  In the daylight, these modern monolithic structures might seem drab and boring, but at night with their lights twinkling like the finest diamonds, they remind me of the […]

New York City: A Bridge, A Memorial, A Meal

I am part of a rare breed of people living in New York; we are known as native New Yorkers. During my time in this great city, I’ve seen New York be an ethnically diverse city, a city in turmoil, a city in healing, a city awakening to become an economic powerhouse, a gentrified playground for the rich and […]

Hidden Gem: Ferragosto Festival in the “Little Italy” of the Bronx

I’ve lived in New York City my entire life and I am still amazed at how this City continuously surprises me. This is a tale about a little neighborhood in a borough that could easily be overlooked by the average New Yorker and by tourists. The borough is the Bronx and the neighborhood is called […]

Savory Nugget: Pure Thai Cookhouse

“Delicate” or being of “very fine in texture or structure; of intricate workmanship or quality,” is usually not the first word I think of when eating a perfectly cooked piece of meat.  However, delicate is the perfect term to use when thinking about the braised beef in the Pa-Yao Beef Noodle Soup from PURE Thai […]


The final stop on my Restaurant Week Summer 2014 tour was David Burke Kitchen located in the James Hotel in Soho.  Opened in 2010, the restaurant has two main dinning spaces: a 130-seat loft-like space and glass enclosed Garden and Treehouse Bar, which also seats up to 130 guest. For this meal, I was joined by […]

Yummy, Yummy, Yummy I Have Love in my Tummy

The second stop on my Restaurant Week Summer 2014 tour was Tom Colicchio’s Craftbar in the Flatiron district in New York City.  If you only have time to go to one restaurant for lunch during Restaurant Week, Craftbar is THE one place that is a must visit. Craftbar scores in the stratosphere in both presentation and […]

Get in my Belly!

For this little foodie piggy, New York Restaurant week is this twice a year a magical event that could be equated with the choice Indiana Jones had to make once he found the location the holy grail; you must choose wisely. When I was first introduced to restaurant week in 2012, I went crazy. Within a […]

Kara Walker’s “A Subtelty” Exhibit/Domino Sugar Factory

Old Dominio Sugar Factory

I love spending time with my mom.  Over the past ten years our relationship has evolved into a true friendship well beyond the mother-daughter bond.  We can talk to each other about almost anything. In recent years, I’ve tried to take time off from work around her birthday to do something fun.  One year we […]