Travel Nugget: NYC Bridges at Night

As I made my way up the FDR in a fast car at night, I was mesmerized by the absolute beauty of the bridges on the Hudson.  In the daylight, these modern monolithic structures might seem drab and boring, but at night with their lights twinkling like the finest diamonds, they remind me of the […]

New York City: A Bridge, A Memorial, A Meal

I am part of a rare breed of people living in New York; we are known as native New Yorkers. During my time in this great city, I’ve seen New York be an ethnically diverse city, a city in turmoil, a city in healing, a city awakening to become an economic powerhouse, a gentrified playground for the rich and […]

2014: A Beginning

For many years, I compulsively posted food photos to Facebook and Instagram. Many of friends, near and dear, suggested that I create a blog based on my love of photographing the food I consumed. I would smile and laugh it off because I didn’t believe that I have anything to add to the collective voice […]