Savannah, GA: Old Fort Jackson

Architecture and history are two things that have always fascinated me.  How did the people who lived before us master the craft, science and carpentry needed to build such amazingly wonderful and sometimes frightening structures?  Were they hopeful or mindful that the works of their labor would survive centuries after they died? I had the […]

Hidden Gem: Richmond, VA

Last year, I was fortunate enough to go to a conference in Richmond, VA. My initial thoughts were, “Why Richmond? What is so interesting about Richmond that a conference should be held there?” The List After finding out the location of the conference, I began researching and creating an extensive list of “things to do” […]

Sweet Nugget: Choco-deliciousness

This week I’m in Savannah, GA for a conference. While awaiting my next post, here’s a sweet nugget from Lulu’s Chocolate Bar.   I hope you enjoy! Winter