Get in my Belly!

For this little foodie piggy, New York Restaurant week is this twice a year a magical event that could be equated with the choice Indiana Jones had to make once he found the location the holy grail; you must choose wisely. When I was first introduced to restaurant week in 2012, I went crazy. Within a […]

Lets Wrap!!!

One of my favorite things in the entire world is wrapping gifts. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. When I was a kid, my favorite time of year was waking up on Christmas and seeing all those wonderful, beautifully wrapped gifts under our fake Christmas tree.  Growing up with 4 kids (my sister, my 2 cousins, […]

Kara Walker’s “A Subtelty” Exhibit/Domino Sugar Factory

Old Dominio Sugar Factory

I love spending time with my mom.  Over the past ten years our relationship has evolved into a true friendship well beyond the mother-daughter bond.  We can talk to each other about almost anything. In recent years, I’ve tried to take time off from work around her birthday to do something fun.  One year we […]